We all want something. Isn’t that why Christmas is so appealing? Once a year we finally have a legitimate excuse to voice our desires. If we are honest we know our requests aren’t truly about the stuff. They are about hope. Somewhere in our heart we believe that a dress will make us beautiful, this car will raise our status or a ring will mean love. We hope for something better. All we want is that one thing that will make it happen. Why do we hide behind our lists of demands instead of asking the Lord outright for love, acceptance, or comfort? The things He longs to give us.

Everyone whether they believe it or not knows that the Christmas holiday started with Jesus. What is so special about His story? Well, imagine if you always put others above yourself. Being content in the place you are in. You didn’t have to fight to get ahead. Pride wasn’t an armor you had to wear. What if you never had anything to hide? Admitting weakness was O.K. You never had to lie. There wasn’t ever a question if there would be enough to sustain you. Popularity was just a passing fad. And at the end of everyday you slept well knowing that there was hope. That there really was a God who loved you more than you could ever deserve. If this was reality, what could you ever want? You wouldn’t need stuff to lead a life of happiness; you would be fully satisfied in the Lord, as we were made to be.

This is the impossibly perfect life that Jesus lived. Today I am remember that He lived a life of hope. A life we can’t live without Him. Realizing this, I am once again coming to the understanding that I don’t just want Jesus in my life I NEED Him. What we all need is a savior, and hallelujah, are Great Lord has provided. In 2011 my prayer for you is to stop living for your wants and recognize your greatest need. The love of Christ.

Jesus conquered this life, and redeemed it for us all. Through His death we can live our lives in the same way. What a gift.