There are a lot of people blessed with a strong sense of orientation. I am not one of them. Knowing this I’ve adjusted to my lack of direction. I leave 15 minutes early when going anywhere new, because it is not a question of if I will get lost, it is when. After, a couple of U-turns and stopping at the local gas station to gain my bearings I arrive.

To me getting lost out on the road is no big deal. I know I will get there eventually. However, I am completely opposite in the journey of life. It makes me anxious to not know exactly what turn to take next. Slowly the Lord is opening my eyes telling me not to be afraid of wrong turns here’s why:

1. You never know who you’ll meet on the journey
2. Where He wants you is where you’ll be
3. They are how we learn the way

Now, instead of being independent and telling the Lord what I am going to do. He is teaching me to be dependent, and ask Him which way is best.

I know you wish I would send you a Garmin that told you the exact route to meeting your spouse, success, or happiness. We both know it won’t happen:)

Those things while blessings in life are not our destination. The kingdom is. Who knows the way better than our great Creator? Humble yourselves friends. Ask for direction. He is always happy to help. Forge ahead in faith and enjoy the ride ❤