This video by Tenth Avenue North is beautiful. Please watch it here. As a Christian I want to dispel the myth that we are out of touch with the pain of the world. Know that, we struggle with the same deep sins rooted in our hearts that you do. We understand why you want to numb pain with alcohol. We get why you are chasing that job promotion so you can finally feel valuable. Mostly we know that deep longing in your heart that just wants to be completely known and loved. That is the same longing every human has. The Lord made that heart. He certainly knows what it is struggling with.

Friends whatever your sin is put it on the board. Let God erase it. Certainly I can relate to some of those words in the video. Please don’t do what I did for so long and define yourself by sin. For years I built my identity on gossip, haughtiness, and exploiting my body. This was who I was. Then I met Jesus, and He showed me that these were the things that I was hiding behind. Let God show you who you truly are. From one sinner to another, I promise through Him “you are more…”