I am homeless.  Not really like living on the street or anything, but in one showing the house that I am now leasing has been sold. So, now my challenge as well as for my three patient roommates is to scramble to find a place to live and move in that place in nineteen days or less. Oh boy.

In this moment I could have turned and pointed a finger at God and said that He has failed yet again to take care of my every whim, but, instead I choose to trust Him with this one. I’ve been mad a God a lot lately. It’s easy to make Him the scapegoat for my problems instead of the one who leads me through this difficult life. However with this interesting news that as made a quick change of events the peace of Christ which surpasses understanding is telling me everything is going to be okay. That is a peace that can only come from God himself. So, how can things be anything, but good?  Please pray for our search for a new home. Night friends. -b