hello! thank you for taking a look around the mezz. i’m brooke, this is my nook. i’m a twenty something newlywed. i’ve been out of college for over four years and have had five jobs that have all led to dead ends career wise. mezzanine is a word typically used to describe a partially finished space in a building between one level and the next. i love that. that’s where i am. a new work in Christ not yet finished. in between this level of life and the next  following Christ all the way. so what this blog is about is pretty simple i use it to record the lessons the Lord is teaching me day by day. you see the story has never been about me, it has always been about the savior Jesus. whenever we know this in our hearts the world around us begins to make a lot more sense. so  with fear and trembling let’s work out our faith together over thoughtful words and lots of hot tea 🙂  brooke e


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